How to upsell at the Front Desk

Upselling can help increase ARR for your hotel and when done well, can improve guest satisfaction as well. In this tutorial, let us learn how to upsell at the front desk.

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Hello Jay, let me teach you how to upsell a guest to a higher category of room.

In your hotel, you will have different categories of rooms. Upselling at the front desk while the guest is checking in is an opportunity for the hotel to increase revenue. And at the same time, we can increase guest satisfaction.

Great, so by upselling we make more money for the hotel.

Yes, in a previous video, we saw how to upgrade a guest. Upgrade means giving a higher category room without charging for it. Upselling means giving a higher category by charging guests for it.

Alright, so how do we do that?

The first thing we do is to create an upselling culture in the hotel. Upselling must start with the first call to reservation. The reservation agent must be trained to upsell. But today, let me tell you how to upsell when the guest is standing in front of you to check-in.

Ok. But before we begin, can you tell me why would a guest take a higher category room at the last minute at the desk?
Most travellers, do not bother about all these details while making the booking. They make a booking without looking at the various categories in the hotel. So at the front desk, we have an opportunity to upsell them to a higher category, depending on their requirement.

What do you mean by depending on their requirement?

For any upsell to be successful, you need to know what the guest may like. Yes, the higher category room may have a bigger space, better view and some other features. But you must always explain to the guest the benefits of the higher category room, that will interest them.

For a business traveller, it may be that the club category room gives them access to the club lounge, where they can conduct their meeting. For the family travelling together access to the same category, may mean a bigger room where they can place an extra bed.

Ok so explain the benefits of the higher category, based on the guest’s needs.

Correct, that way you are much more likely to upsell.

What else should I know in upselling to a guest?

To upsell, you must be ready. By that, I mean, the room type should be in inspected condition on the system. You do not want the guest to wait for a room once they have agreed to the upsell. So before your shift, check the status of the higher category room.

Make sure you have enough rooms. Speak to the rooms controller or whoever allocates the room in your hotel. They will know how many rooms are there for upselling after they have allocated all the upgrades.

Ok, speak to the rooms controller to find out how many rooms can i upsell and get those rooms ready beforehand.

Yes, this also helps you to show the room, in case some guest says they want to have a look at the room before deciding.

And one last thing to know while upselling is that your guest will say no to your offer. Do not get disheartened by it. Your job is to offer the upgrade to every qualified guest who you check-in.

I must offer the upsell option to every guest who checks in. That way I can increase the chance of an upsell.

That is correct.

Also, you must be aware of the difference amount you will charge for the upsell. Your supervisor or manager will have a rate grid. Do check with them.

And once the guest agrees to the upsell, make a note of the upsell amount on the registration card, and get the guest to sign against it, so that there is no miscommunication. Explain clearly the extra amount the guest would have to pay for the upgrade.

Right. So I understand how to upsell a guest. Explain the benefits that are personal to the guest, keep the rooms ready so that guests do not have to wait and communicate the amount beforehand and get the guest’s acceptance of the charge.

Yes, you are correct, I am happy to see you have learnt the steps to upsell well. Now go ahead and try upselling to the next guest who checks in.

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