How to use a guest name in a conversation naturally?

Many hotel managers believe the best way to improve engagement with guests, is to use the guest name in a conversation. Some of your brand standards may also have this point.

There may also be standards like using the guest’s name twice in a conversation. However what I find is that more often than not, this standard is missed out. We do not use the guest’s name as often as recommended, and hence miss out on an opportunity of making a connection with our guest.

What I found out is that you may be afraid of using the guest’s name wrongly. Some surnames are difficult to pronounce and you do not want to be disrespectful.

In such times when you do not know how to pronounce a name, it is best to ask the guest this very simple question.

How may I address you?

With this one question, you have found out how to pronounce the guest’s name.

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