How to use a measuring jug?

Simple right. Just pour the liquid in the measuring jug and use it. Right.

Not really. A measuring jug is a great tool to help you with getting your recipe right in first place.

If you pour liquid correctly, you can save a lot of time in your process. Watch and learn

Read about how to use the Measuring Jug

Simon: Hello Jay, how are you today?
Jay: I am fine, chef. How are you?
Simon: I am fine. Come, let me teach you how to use a measuring cup to weigh liquids today. Do you see that cup there? Bring it here and check to see if it is clean.
Jay: The cup is clean, chef.
Simon: Ok then, pour the liquid into the cup. Make sure that the marking is visible on the cup. Also, remember if the cup is plastic never pour hot liquid into the measuring cup.
Jay: Yes chef, I have written it down. Do not add hot liquid and fill the liquid to the desired quantity.
Simon: Alright then, record the quantity in your book. You can use that in the recipe. Remember to measure correctly or your recipe might have too much, or too less water.

So what did you learn today Jay?

Jay: Chef, I learnt that it is important to measure liquids before using them in the recipe. Also, the measuring cup should be very clean.
Also when the liquid is hot, I must wait for it to cool before using a plastic measuring cup.

Simon: Well done, Jay.
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