how to use a weighing scale

How to use weighing scale in kitchen?

The weighing scale is an important part of the kitchen. It helps you standardize your recipes and create consistent recipes every time.

Watch the video to learn how to use the weighing scale.

Prefer to Read how to use weighing scale?

Chef: Hello Jay, today I will teach you how to use the weighing scale.
Jay: But I already know that chef.
Chef: I know that you know how to put things on the weighing scale, but I am going to tell you why it is important to follow weights and measures in the kitchen.
Jay: Alright I would love to know that.
Chef: Every recipe we make will have an ingredient list along with the weight of every ingredient. To use the weighing scale to ensure the weight is at zero then place the ingredient on the weighing scale and allow it to show the final reading.
Jay: Why should we allow the reading to stop?
Chef: If we do not allow the reading to stop, we might get the wrong result. If you are following a recipe, your dish may go wrong.
So what did you learn today?
Jay: I learnt that we need to weigh ingredients and follow the recipe. I also learnt that to weigh every ingredient properly I need to wait for the number on the weighing scale to stop moving.
Chef: So Jay learnt how to measure the ingredients, and weigh everything properly today.
But before you go, remember clean as you go. Clean a weighing scale before you put it back.

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