How to use Yield test to save Food cost with Chef Ajeeth

Executive Chef – The Residency Towers Coimbatore – Ajeeth Janardhanan


About Ajeeth

With about 22 years of hotel experience in the kitchen, Ajeeth is the Executive Chef at The Residency – Coimbatore. He is a passionate chef who is forever thinking of trying new ideas.

He is a celebrity in his own right having hosted Gordon Ramsay in an episode in Kerala, and has been a judge in many cook shows in the past.

In this interview with us, he talks to us about how to manage food cost and also what he is doing in the current post COVID world to re organise his kitchen

What you will learn

  • How does yield test help in controlling food cost
  • What else is Ajeeth doing to ensure food cost is under control after COVID 19
  • What are the thumbrules of the doing yield test

Resources mentioned in the Episode

Connect with Ajeeth

Instagram: Ajeeth on Instagram

Linkedin: Ajeeth

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  1. Pratibha Panicker says:

    Chef Ajeeth you rock! Your point are excellent and will surely help a lot of hotels and restaurants.

    1. ajeeth janardhanan says:

      Thank you so much i am glad you enjoyed it

  2. ajeeth janardhanan says:

    thank you Ashok, I am glad you enjoyed it & learned from it . We will be back soon

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