How to work fast in the kitchen?

When you work in the kitchen, you have to work fast and efficiently. Planning your kitchen station efficiently will help you increase your speed and allow you to work fast in kitchen.

Read about video and learn to work fast in the kitchen

Hello Jay, how are you today?

I am fine, chef. Thank you

I can see that you have started chopping vegetables. I am happy to see you are progressing well. Let me show you how to set up the kitchen table properly.

Ok what should I do?

First thing you do is clean up the table. Take a wet kitchen duster and then clean the table. Once it is cleaned, wipe it with a dry duster

Why should I clean the table when I just cleaned it sometime back?

You have to clean the table so that if there is any debris or dirt that can get cleaned away. It will also help prevent cross contamination.
Once you have cleaned the table, take the wet towel, kitchen paper and place it on the table under the chopping board.

How does that help, chef?

If you keep the chopping board on the wet towel, the board will stay in place and will not slip while in use.

Oh I see. I did not know that.

:If you are right handed that is you use the knife in your right hand keep your tray of vegetables on the left side. Also keep 2 empty pans or tray to your right side.

The first for all the peels and trimmings, and second for the cut vegetables. With your station set up like this you will be able to work faster.

You are absolutely right chef. The setup does increase my speed. Thank you chef.

Today I learnt how to set up my workstation properly. I also learnt why it is important to keep things organised. It has helped me a lot to improve my speed and cleanliness.

And what about you?

Did you learn how to set up the table to work fast in the kitchen?

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