Acidic cleaners

How to work safely while using acidic cleaners in hotels?

To remove hard stains, you may have to work with acidic cleaners. In this tutorial, let us look at how to work safely while using acidic cleaners in hotels.

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Acidic cleaner are used to clean tarnished metal and stains caused by metals

In this video we will look at where the acidic cleaner work and some safety precautions while using them

They are used for removing stains caused by hard water, rust, tarnished or dust colored metal.They can also be used for cleaning tiles and masonry. Different surfaces require different strength or dilution and it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instruction while using the chemicals. Also remember they can be extremely toxic so wear proper ppe like gloves and eye protection.

There are some more rules while using the acidic cleaner. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, and avoid splashing it on other materials. Do not mix acidic cleaner with other chemicals and always ventilate the area to avoid toxic fumes build up. As always while working with chemicals be aware and focus on your job so that you remain safe.

I hope you understood the use and safety precautions while using acidic cleaner.

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