Importance of a sharp knife

You may think that a sharp knife will cut your hand. But on the contrary, a sharp knife will keep you hands safe as the pressure required to cut something will be lesser.

Watch the video to learn all about the importance of a sharp knife.

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Speaker 1: Hi Jay. Do you remember the time when you cut your finger?

Jay: Yes chef. It was very painful.

Speaker 1: After you came back to work, I showed you how to cut using proper techniques. But along with proper techniques it is also important to have a sharp knife.

Jay: A sharp knife? But won’t it increase the chance of getting cut even more? After all, sharp things cut easily.

Speaker 1: No. One of the easiest ways to avoid cutting your hand is to keep the knife sharp. When the knife is sharp, you will need less pressure while cutting the meat or vegetables.

Jay: Oh, now I get it. Sometimes when the knife does not cut the vegetables I use more pressure. If I keep my knife sharp I can cut my vegetables or meat without too much pressure.

Speaker 1: To sharpen a knife you can use a whetstone. Once it is sharp you can use a honing steel to finish it. There are many types of stone available in a market but for kitchen normally use water stone.

Jay: If you would like to buy a whetstone, click the link here. Or if you wish to purchase a sharpening steel, use this link

Speaker 1: If you purchase the stone after clicking onto the link we do make a small commission. If you wish to buy directly just tell your purchase department and they will get it for you.

Remember a sharp knife along with good cutting techniques will help you keep yourself safe.

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