Increasing customer engagement to improve revenue with Neha Mathur

Co Founder of Wish Yogi – A Customer engagement platform for Hotels

About Neha

With over 17years of experience in the Hospitality industry, in all realms of operations, Neha Mathur, saw a huge opportunity for customer grade technology to assist Hotels.

She launched Wishyogi India Pvt Ltd, in 2019.

WishYogi is a SAAS platform working on Artificial Intelligence, to provide a digital assistant to hotel guests and advanced analytics to hotels to derive better cost and higher TRevpar.

80% of the customer data that we store is unworthy and we lose the opportunity to derive actionable insights for curating an individually personalized customer experience and increased revenue

Neha Mathur

WishYogi can assist hotels to achieve 63% higher TRevPAR by offering personalized services to their customer through advanced analytics thus offering “The Right Product To The Right Customer At The Right Time”.

What you will learn

  • How to improve Customer engagement to improve sales
  • The DRIFT method of Customer engagement
  • How technology can help with customer engagement


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