internal cooking temperature of meat

Internal cooking temperature of Meat

Internal cooking temperature of meat is the temperature at which various meat cook completely to be safe to eat.

Different meat have different cooking temperature.

Watch the video to learn all about it.

Want to read about Internal cooking temperature of Meat?

Chef : In this video we will learn about the different internal cooking temperatures of meat.

In the previous video Jay asked me if the meat has an internal cooking temperature.

I had promised to explain it to him today in detail. Safe steps in food handling, cooking and storage are essential in preventing food poisoning.

Why do you feel we need to cook food to a certain temperature?

Person 1: To kill all the harmful germs.

Speaker 1: Yes you are right. Cooking can kill certain harmful bacteria. Every meat has different bacteria that dies at different temperatures. That is the reason we have to cook different meat at different temperatures.

You have to cook chicken and poultry till it reaches 74 degrees Celsius or 166 degrees Fahrenheit. Egg till 71 degree Celsius or 161 degree Fahrenheit. Lamb, beef, pork or other meat till 62 degree Celsius or 145 degree Fahrenheit. Seafood should also be cooked till 62 degree Celsius.

So who would like to recap what we just learned? Please tell the class what you learned.

Person 2 : Meat should be cooked so all bacteria dies. We must cook chicken to 74 degree Celsius egg till 71 degree Celsius fish till 63 degree Celsius

Jay: We must also use a properly calibrated thermometer like you mentioned in the last video so that the reading is correct.

Chef : Yes absolutely. I am happy to see that you really understood the class from yesterday Jay. In case you have not seen that video yet, click the link and go see the video.

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