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If you want to learn more about how to ace your interview, you’re in the right place. Join us as we guide you on how to attend your job interview confidently.

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this course will give you the exact steps needed to clear your interview.

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Avoid the overwhelm. We help you practice your interview question so that you feel comfortable answering them.

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At we have been helping hoteliers for the past 3 years. We are excited to help you get your dream job, by building your confidence in speaking English effectively so that you can land the job that you were looking for.

The format of the course is built on practicing to speak what you will say during your interview. However how you speak is as important as what you say, so this course will help you make your own answers as well as give you some sample answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

To be honest, it depends on you. However the course is designed to help you gain confidence in the way you attend an interview. Confidence comes from practice. It does take time. So if you have an interview tomorrow, it may not be useful, but if you have one in 3 months, It should help you 

No we don’t. It is impossible to guarantee anything. However what we do is send out newsletter every month with all resume to many hotels. They may choose to contact you if they like your profile. Once you join, you will get a mail asking you to send us your resume, if you want us to send it to hotels. 

This course works best on Google Chrome. Apart from that, you will need an internet connection and dedication to improve yourself.

We cover how to answer personal questions, behaviourial questions and also cover  to learn the top questions asked for subject knowledge in the core departments