IPL 2020 opportunities for Restaurant and Bars

IPL 2020 season starts soon.

Though it is being played out of the country, it provides restaurants and bars an opportunity to start with some marketing activity after the long closure during COVID 19.

In this article we will discuss the IPL 2020 opportunities for restaurant and bars.

IPL 2020 opportunities for Restaurant and Bars
Source : BARC India

As per the statistics available from BARC India TV viewership has increased over the years. That means more people follow the game and are interested in it.

While viewership has increased, the same report also talks about out of home viewership increasing in bars, restaurants and stadium.

This year with the matches being held in the UAE and the extended lockdown, we have an opportunity to improve business levels in our restaurant and bars.

New opportunities around IPL

Over the years you would have created events and promotions during the event in your restaurant and bars. This year should be no different

Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels

However this year with the advent of lockdown, many of you are doing delivery and take away.

This event offers excellent opportunity to create menus that cater to the people watching the game on TV.

Ideas for food offerings

As you are offering delivery and dineout, here are 3 segments you can focus on to make the most of the IPL 2020


Make a menu with All time favorites like dishes from the tandoor or Indo Asian dishes.

Set a package deal with offer to deliver snack every day or every weekend.

Offer like get 2 snack for all game day or get snacks whenever your team is playing should help you get base business and then you can add on more customers on the day of the game.

Ready cooked meal combos

Most of the game starts from 3:30pm India time and goes up to 10 pm. Perfect opportunity for you to offer combo meals. All time favourites like Biryani continued to grown during the lockdown as customers tend to order one pot meals that are easy to eat and does not leave too much of a mess to clean up

Another fast moving category is the Pizza section. Reports from US indicate that this meal category continued to thrive during the COVID lockdown.

Cocktail Mixes

While sale of cocktails are not allowed in India, there is no stopping for sale of cocktail mixes and DIY kits.

The most preferred segment of beverage may be beer but having some non alcoholic cocktail mixes that can help your customers prepare some drinks before the game and make them great host can make your offer popular.

Start with the same great cocktails you serve in your restaurant and just package it well.

Bottles like the one above featured from Amazon.in can help you package your product. If you are unsure of the quantity you will sell, start with an order of 10 bottles for a proof of concept and when you see business pick up, buy them from your local purchase.

New Start

Pick up the pieces and start fresh. This festival season will offer you opportunities to make revenue for your restaurant and bars if you are focused on the upcoming opportunities.

Make a festival calendar and see what all opportunities exist within that segment to improve food and beverage revenue

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