Leveraging OTA to increase revenue with Pavan Charak

About Pavan

Pavan Charak is an MBA and B.Tech having 8 years of experience in technology and internet companies.
He managed online business of top 20 international and national hotel brands during his stint with Make My Trip. Moreover he has an expert level understanding of accelerating sales and optimizing profitability of existing and newer hotels. It is imperative for Revenue mangers to not only optimize their online channels but to take advantage of their strength to beat competition.

In this episode of the Clarifiedbetter Show, we speak to him who explains the benefit of tying up with the OTA and how to leverage that relationship.
Hoteliers have a love hate relationship with OTA but they fail to properly work with the market managers to make sure they get their fair share of business.

Learn how you can benefit from the relationship

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What you will learn

  • How to engage with OTA to increase fair share.
  • What are the 4 key levers in increasing sales for your hotel

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Linkedin: Pawan Charak

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