How to Maintain a log book

A log book is an essential communication tool to pass on relevant information to the people working in various shift. All guest information should be noted down in log book.

Usually supervisors fill out the log book before the end of the shift. Before reporting to shift, you must read the log book so that you are aware of all important instruction.

In this video, we are learning about how to maintain a log book.

In order to maintain the log book, we must record all special requests that guest give. In case there is an incident involving guest, we must enter that in detail, stating the facts and the action taken.

We must also enter all the maintenance complaints in the log book, so that we can follow up on them.

Also do remember to enter any items that were given to the room on returnable basis. This will help us to keep a track of our inventory.

In the log book also make a note of do no disturb rooms and refused service rooms

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