Managing on the job training

Almost all hotels in the country take students for on the job training.

Managing on the job training is a 365 days activity in itself

Some hotels have a dedicated training manager who will be responsible for making sure that they learn and develop as per the guidelines.

They are responsible for sourcing the candidates, interviewing them and making sure that they learn according to the expectation.

The benefit of following this in the order and making sure that your trainees are well looked after means that you have a ready pool of future employees .

But often, it is not possible for hotels to have a training manager. If your hotel does not have a training manager to take care of on the job training, we have a solution for you.

Solution for managing On the job training.

Our team plan offers you a comprehensive way to manage your learning for the hotel. We also have dedicated resources courses to manage your industrial trainees learning experiences in the same portal.

Once enrolled your industrial trainees or on the job trainees will be able to access the learning library with modules that can help them to learn relevant industry information.

Have a monthly catch up to check if they have completed the relevant learning modules and gained their certificate.

All courses are made with practical relevant industry experiences to ensure that your trainees are future ready.

On completing the courses, the learners gets points and certificates that enable them to keep learning more.

They can redeem the points from our online shop for things that may be useful for them like learning guides etc.

In conclusion

Managing on the job training is a full time work, but it need not be difficult. Automate it an let us handle the learning experience for the trainee.

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