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Marketing opportunities for restaurant promotion during IPL 2020

With IPL 2020 coming up, you will have marketing opportunities for restaurant promotion.

If you run an restaurant you need to start a promotion that will help your restaurant.

But once you have your promotion planned, you need to market it as well.

Here are a few high value marketing avenues and strategies that you can use right away.

Facebook + Instagram:

While Facebook has over the years reduced your ability to reach out to people who like your page, if you advertise on facebook, you can reach out to people. While advertising, specifically target people in your vicinity and men interested in cricket.

The data from Barcindia.co.in gives you in detail information about the change in viewership pattern, but the key demographic to target is given below.

Marketing opportunities for restaurant promotion
Marketing opportunities for restaurant promotion
Slightly more men watch the game

Choose your location, age group and target men in your advertising campaign.

Newspaper advertisement :

In case you are planning to advertise in the newspaper, go local. Advertise in the local newspaper, but not in the general section but in the sports section or where they cover IPL related news.

In case your brand is visible during in middle of reading the news related to sport, it is bound to make a better connection with the reader than having the advertisement in the general business section.

While you cannot dictate where your advertising will feature, developing a good relation with the local paper editor will help you with getting some favourable placement.

Your own Database

I am sure you all know the value of your database. If you do not have one, you can buy direct mailing list.

There are many companies who will sell you databases, but they are a hit or miss. If you are buying data, make sure it is restricted by location to around 5 km from your restaurant.

If you have a database, grow it and ensure that you build your community around it with loyalty discounts offer etc through the year.

Offer your top spender from the previous promotion an taster pack to encourage them to order repeat for this promotion as well. Offer discounts and special offer to your regulars.

If done well and you have built a good community that supports your restaurant, 30% of the business should come from the database for any given promotion.

IPL will provide you with marketing opportunities for restaurant promotion. You need to be ready to market your restaurant to improve sales.

What do you plan to try this year?

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