Organising stores the right way

When you keep food in the stores, you have to follow certain rules and techniques to keep the food safely.

You must also ensure that the food is not past the best before date. Many countries have strict rules for that.

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Speaker 1: Hello Jay let me introduce you to our store keeper. She will explain how to keep materials properly in the store today. Hello Aditi how are you today?

Aditi: I am a fine chef. How are you?

Speaker 1:  I’m fine as well. I brought Jay along to show him the store and show him how to keep things properly in the store.

Aditi: Great! Today’s a great day as I just removed all the materials from the shelves to clean it. Now I am going to stack the things back. Jay can stay here and learn.

Speaker 1:  All right, then I will go to the kitchen. Once you’re done explaining, you will drop him back to the kitchen.

Aditi: Okay so let’s begin. As we go along I will tell you how to keep things in the store. You see those cartons they have to be stuck back to the shelves. But we will remove the materials from the cartons and keep only the ingredients.

Jay: But why are we removing it from the carton? Would it not be easier to just keep it in the cartons?

Aditi: That is a very good question. We have to throw the cartons out because it may have some pest hiding inside it while keeping things back in the store. We will keep glass bottles in the lowest rack that way in case there is an accident the glass pieces will not spread far.

Jay: So I will keep these bottles of milk and beer on the lowest shelf.

Aditi: Yes you’re right. Keep them on the lowest shelf. Well done. Now keep heavy materials on the second lowest shelf. You should not keep very heavy materials on the higher shelf because you may hurt your back while removing it. Now keep those smaller packets on the top shelf. Very nice. So what did you learn today jay?

Jay: Thanks Aditi. I learned how to keep things properly in the store glass bottles on the lowest shelf and the other materials on the higher shelf.

Aditi: Yes keeping things properly in stores is essential. Come back tomorrow and I will tell you about another concept called FIFO.

Jay: All right. I look forward to learning about it.

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