personal hygiene for food handlers

Personal hygiene for food handlers

Personal hygiene for food handlers is an important concept in kitchen. Since majority of the food borne illness is spread by cross contamination, the kitchen team should maintain high levels of personal hygiene.

In this tutorial, we will see how to take care of the personal hygiene of food handlers.

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Speaker 1: Good afternoon everyone. Come together for a briefing.

Today in our briefing, I want to talk about your role in maintaining food safety. Did you know that if your do not take care of your personal hygiene you can make others sick?

Speaker 2:  Yes I am aware of that, but since Jay is new here, please do explain it once again chef.

We as food handlers can contaminate food if we are not careful. Good personal hygiene is the corner stone of food safety.

Jay: Like if I am not well, i can spread that to others.

Speaker 1: Yes you are correct. If you are not well, inform your supervisor and try to stay at home till you are feeling better. Another important aspect is the handwashing.

You must wash hands every time you finish a task . Also wash you hand if you take a break and come back to the kitchen,

Speaker 3 : Can I were gloves and dispose it off.

Speaker 1 : Gloves is not a replacement for handwashing. Even if you wear gloves you must wash your hand before you put on the gloves.

You also need to maintain personal cleanliness. Shower or bathe before coming to shift. And a short hair cut is recommended in this kitchen.

You have a responsibility to handle food safely. If you feel something is not right, tell your chef or supervisor.

Jay : Thanks for this briefing Chef. I now know my role in keeping food safe. 

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