monsoon checklist for hotel

Pre-monsoon checklist for hotel engineering

With the monsoon season fast approaching, there is the danger of flooding and power disruption that can affect your hotel. In this article we will discuss the monsoon checklist for hotel.

Every year monsoon floods causes devastion in many parts of the world and this causes extreme hardship.

In order to keep my hotel safe and working efficiently during the floods, I used to follow a pre-monsoon checklist and ensure all the task are complete in the checklist.

These tasks used to begin atleast 45 days before monsoon and then extend till end of monsoon.

Since this is a checklist, the list is in no particular order, which means you can do it any way you like.

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Before Monsoon

  • Check and clean all the drains, gutters, and rainwater harvesting pits so that there will be no stagnant water
  • Ensure enough sandbags and flood barriers are available.
  • Purchase heavy duty torch and batteries
  • Check and service submersible pumps and cutter pumps.
  • Check the functioning of STP and service it if not working
  • Purchase monsoon gear, gumboots, raincoats, etc for an emergency.
  • Check all installation above the roof like mobile towers, roofing materials, and ensure that they are secured.
  • Any temporary structure like tool shed must be dismantled or strengthened

During Monsoon

  • Keep all areas clean. Maintain the drains to ensure they are not blocked. Tie down any large installations.
  • Check that all openings, doors and windows are sealed and closed.
  • Ensure there is no loose materials that can possibly fly away during a cyclone
  • Keep the terrace clean
  • Regularly maintain all pumps and keep it in working condition
  • Service all the level sensors and auto start of all pumps in perfect condition. If required replace them.
  • Check the water quality and test frequently. Increase chlorination if your hotel has past history of contaminated water source
  • Depute a person to constantly monitor all the pumps when heavy rains start.

After Monsoon

In case of any damage to the property during the monsoon, make sure you immediately photograph the damage so that you can assist your finance controller in insurance claim

Repair any damages to the property and then get ready with next year pre-monsoon checklist.

Do you have any specific feedback about this list. Something you follow in your property. Let us know in the comment box below so that others can learn from your experience.

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