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Present bills on time in the restaurant and improve guest satisfaction

If there is one thing you can do to improve guest satisfaction at the end of the meal, it is to present the bills on time.

Delay in billing is among the main cause of guest dissatisfaction.

If you want to improve guest satisfaction in your restaurant, try an experiment.

Give your guest the bill within 1 minute of asking for the bill.

Why is this step – presenting the bill on time so important.
For this, you have to understand the way your guest think. Till the time they are eating in the restaurant, they are enjoying your food, service and ambience.

But as they ask for the bill, they are mentally already in the next task. They are either thinking about their next meeting, are late for an airport trip, or have cranky children wanting to go home.

The bill is what is keeping them in your restaurant. If only you could help them do what they should have been doing, they would have been very happy.

So try this experiment in your restaurant today. Present the bill within a minute and see if it makes a difference in guest satisfaction.

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