Prevention of Fire in your hotel

As a General Manager of a hotel, overseeing life safety is a critical part of your job. As part of that prevention of fire in your hotel tops the job requirement.

While it is true that you will be wearing many hats, trying to improve sales, hire and train your staff, market your property, the life safety is also very critical part of your daily job.

A key component of a guest experience is also a feeling of safety and security your hotel provides to them.

Prevention of fire in your hotel is among the key safety responsibility that you will have.

In a previous article we looked at what to do in case of a fire.

In this article, we will look at a high level task that can help you in prevention of fire and keep your staff and guest safe.

Daily Task

Keep fire exit clear from obstruction

The key task to do daily is to walk around the hotel. Physically walk around the fire exits to ensure that they are free from obstruction.

A quick search on google for the cause of fire death in hotels reveals that in majority of the cases the fire exit was blocked.

Many death can be prevented by your diligence in walking the area daily.

Monthly task

Fire Extinguisher

Inspect the general condition of your fire extinguishers.

Make sure that the pressure gauge is in green and the next refill date is not passed. If it is in red, charge the same

Ensure that the correct extinguisher is placed near the area where the threat is. For e.g ABC type or CO2 type depending if there is wood or electric fire threat

Check the condition of the fire extinguisher hose.

Fire sprinkler Valves

Inspect the general condition of the valves

Ensure that the valves are open and complete a tamper test.

Check all the pumps and ensure that they are holding pressure

Quarterly task

Public smoke detector and PA system

Test all smoke detectors and PA system to ensure they are working. Check to make sure that the PA system is audible in all areas

Conduct a fire drill

Every 3 months ensure you do a complete fire drill with your team members. This will prepare them to act in case of an emergency.

Check Emergency lighting

Check all the emergency lights in the building and ensure that it is in working condition. Test all lights and the lighting level to ensure that the area is well lit. If there is a dedicated UPS for the emergency lighting, ensure that battery is working and it will switch on when required


Fire system

Usually these components should have an AMC for the vendor to check and certify it. Ensure all the parts of the Fire alarm systems are checked and certified

Learn More

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