Problem Solving

Problem solving:

In this tutorial, we will explore how to solve problems. No, not the maths problem you have learnt about, but the problem that you face at work.

If you look at Wikipedia for the definition of problem-solving, it will say that problem-solving is the process of achieving a goal by overcoming obstacles.

When you are working in a hotel, you may face problems with people, products or processes. These lead to dissatisfaction among the various stakeholders. If you take the initiative to solve a problem, in this tutorial, I will give you a framework so that you can solve problems.

Problem-solving is a key skill that you will be expected to learn as you grow in your career. As you grow in your career, most of the time is spent on problem-solving. The type of problem may change, but it can still be solved with the framework we will learn today.

This framework can be used to solve most problems you face. You need to remember 4 alphabets for this. P. D. C. A

The first word P stands for Plan. This is the first step. When you have a problem you need fixing, you need to plan how to tackle this issue. Run as many scenarios as possible. Use brainstorming among your team or with other people involved in solving the problem. At this stage, there are no right or wrong answers as we are trying to find all the solutions.

Let us discuss an example and see how we can use this framework.

Suppose you want to solve a problem involving the airconditioning in the room. It is not effective and you get frequent guest complaints about this. In the planning phase, you will come up with many solutions. Go ahead and discuss with your team what can be the possible solutions to it. If you are alone and do not have a team learning with you, write some solutions in your notebook. I will wait for a while and you can pause the video if you wish.

Ok, how many solutions did you get? You may have a few like, add extra capacity fcu in the room, reducing the exhaust, keeping the blinds on during the day when the sun is shining into the room or applying sun film to the window. All these solutions need to be tried which takes us to the next step.

The 2nd word in PDCA is D. So in this step, we will do and try out all the solutions that we listed in the previous step. We will implement these solutions in the rooms. During the C or check phase, we will keep notes on what is working and what is not. After a detailed analysis of the solutions, we will shortlist one that shows promise.

Maybe in our problem with the room not cooling, a sun film may be the best idea. Act on the solution and implement it across the hotel to ensure we solve a problem.

So as you saw, with the PDCA framework, we can solve many of the problems you face in the hotel.

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