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Importance of training and online learning at Sterling Holidays

Rajeswari Vachali – Vice President – COE for Performance Enablement

About Rajeswari

Rajeswari has a spent a life time in hotels, retail and training. She first stumbled on to the training world as a manager trying to improve sales in her store.

When her boss identified that there was some difference in the performance of her store vs others, they did a deep dive and realised that it was due to the fact that she used to spend time training her team members.

She then realized that training is her true calling and is now busy grooming the younger generation across the country

Sharpening your axe before you spend time chopping wood is something she believes in and takes great pride in.

This International women’s day, we share her story and her success in the hotels

What you will learn

  • Her story and how she grew in the industry
  • Her challenges in training and what she plans to do
  • How they tackled the COVID phase and used Clarifiedbetter to rapidly communicate with the team and train them on the essentials


Sterling Holidays

Connect with Rajeswari

Linkedin: Rajeswari Vachali

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One Comment

  1. Y.Srinivasa rao says:

    Namaskaram Clarifiedbetter,

    it was a fantastic Interview session, Insightful.
    with new norms ,after reopening resort Sterling CARE program which was designed & executed by Rajeswari ji & corporate office is the real encyclopedia for every associate.
    In fact This GUIDE which was helped us to drive our regular operations with more confident when we were all at most difficult situation.
    Through this Interview we got an opportunity to thank Rajeswari ji & Clarifiedbetter.
    Indeed Thank you very much for all efforts taken by the management.

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