Restaurant Opening and Closing Checklist

Running a restaurant has so many moving parts. In order to simplify the operation, it is essential to have a checklist that helps you to streamline the process.

In the post Covid world a checklist that addresses the concerns of hygiene is very important.

Why are Checklist important?

Before we look at why checklist are important, lets look at what are checklist.

Checklist is a list of a series of task that is required to be completed before starting something.

A pilot before taking off, uses a checklist before the plane rolls out. Even if every day he flies out, before every flight, the pilot must ensure the list is filled.

In our case the checklist helps to check if all the tasks and duties for the shift are done.

How to make a checklist?

In order to make a checklist, you need to have a complete understanding of what all task need to be done.

If you are just starting out or have less experience in the industry, you can develop this over the years with trial and error.

Start to list all the task that you need to do when you open the restaurant.

Think of the Mise-en-scene and Mise-en-place and you need to do. Type those down and very soon you will have a checklist of your own.

How to ensure Checklist is followed daily?

Unfortunately there is no easy way around it. Just like the pilot mentioned above, you just need to make a system that works for you so that all the task mentioned in the list is complete.

You have to manage the people who need to complete the tasks on the checklist.

If you start to punish people for not following the checklist, your work will not get done anyway. So you need to ensure that you consistently keep following up with the system you have set for yourself and ensure the task on the checklist is done.

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