Role of engineering department in hotel

The role of engineering department is to make sure that all parts of the hotel work as required. It is a critical support department that has to handle both the upkeep of the hotel and the cost associated with it

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Jay: Hello sir, I am starting my training in engineering department from today.

Kumar: Welcome Jay! I am Kumar and I will guide you in learning about the engineering department.

Hierarchy of Hotels

Let me begin with the departments and hierarchy of the hotel. The hotel has many equipment and furniture that needs upkeep in order. To do that, the department has supervisors who handle every shift and technicians who will be trained for a particular skill in our hotel.

Our supervisors are from the electrical and mechanical background. So they can handle electrical issue and air conditioning issues but for tasks like plumbing and masonry etc. we hire specialists.

Jay: So what all tasks does the engineering department perform in a hotel?

Tasks performed by engineering department

Kumar: We take care of preventive and breakdown maintenance, maintaining records for various government norms like pollution control and fire safety aspects of the building. Other than that we are also responsible for the heat light and power in the hotel and all the cost related to utilities and repair and maintenance.

Jay: Thank you sir for telling me about the various departments in the engineering department and the tasks performed by the department.

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