lift safely in kitchen

Safe Lifting Habits

In this video, learn how to lift safely in the kitchen.

While working in kitchen, you will be doing task that can hurt your back. Watch the video or read below to avoid injury to your back.

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Hello Jay, good morning. Please work safely. Those boxes are heavy.

Yes, chef. Oh, my back hurts. Chef

 Wait a second. I am coming

I should have listened to you to be careful.

You go to the hospital and come back. Then I will teach you all about safe lifting habits. It is very important to work safely. In the kitchen accidents are mostly caused by unsafe lifting habits.

Welcome back, Jay. I hope you are fine. Before we begin any work today, I want to teach you about safe lifting habits.

Yes chef, I am feeling better. Yes, I would like to learn about safe lifting habits. It was a very painful experience.

To be a good chef you must first learn the basics. You must pay attention to your health and safety aspects. Let’s do it together today. So here we are back at the storeroom where it all started. This is an area where most accidents happen. 

Let me teach you how to lift that box safely. Did you see how I lifted the box?

To lift safely imagine you are in a gymnasium and doing squats. We need to bend our knees and stand up straight, that way the pressure is not on the back but on your legs. You try it now. 

Remember to sit down straight  and then lift properly with a straight back.

Well done. However if it is too heavy to walk 5 steps with the load, ask help from someone nearby before working.

So today I learnt how to lift safely. I should bend my knees, squat and lift. And if it is very heavy I must ask for help.

Yes, learning to lift is very important. A good form will help you keep working in the kitchen for a long time, stay safe.

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