This is how you safely store and use chemicals in the hotel

Many of the chemicals used in cleaning agents can be harmful to human health. So you need to take care while storing and using. Do not allow any trainee or untrained employee to handle these chemicals.

We cover topics from all departments in these short videos and on our site, we have many in depth courses as well. Do remember to check it out.

So getting back to the Use, Care and Storage of Cleaning Agents.

Every chemical comes to the hotel in 2 forms, either ready to use or with a recommended dilution rate. Learn and understand the dilution rate for all chemicals.

  • Ensure all tops are secured and containers are kept clean.
  • Store containers neatly to avoid damage and spillage.
  • Keep aerosol containers away from hot pipes and radiators.
  • Ensure shelves are strong enough to bear the weight of containers storing cleaning agents.
  • Keep the store locked when not in use.
  • Rotate stock so that the old chemicals are used first. This is also called F, I, F, O, or first in first out. We have a video on this channel about that as well
  • Use funnels for dispensing the chemicals and for diluting ask the vendor for dispensers.
  • Keep the store well ventilated.
  • Do not store heavy item on high shelves.
  • Clean the store regularly and do not store chemicals on the floor.

If you follow these safety rules, you can work store and use chemicals safely.

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