Selling Cigar (Davidoff) and finding opportunities for making more money with Akhil Mathur

Corporate Strategy Advisor, N V Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd – Official business partner Davidoff Cigars in India – Akhil Mathur

About Akhil

With about 35 years of hotel experience which includes opening and running hotels, working in sales, food and beverage and other departments, Akhil is a powerhouse of information

Having recently started a new venture representing Davidoff Cigars in India, In this interview he talks about how hotels and restaurants can improve revenue by selling cigar that is often an overlooked segment of sale.

What you will learn

  • What is the difference between Cigars and Cigarettes?
  • How to handle, store and take care of cigars in your restaurant?
  • How to sell cigars in your restaurant?
  • Cigar and food and beverage pairing
  • How you can personally benefit from introducing people to the company and make some money as well.


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Connect with Akhil

Facebook: Davidoff in India

Instagram: Davidoff in India

Twitter: Davidoff Cigars India

Linkedin: Akhil Mathur

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  1. Rajiv Narang says:

    A very nice and unique podcast on a nice product for a niche market. Liked it a lot.

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