Service as a strategy

Independent and unbranded hotels constitute 72% of the hotel in India according to a survey.

However the market for brands seem to be growing rapidly and every day goes by when a new branded hotel enters the market with better distribution and reach.

How can a single or small chain of independent hotel survive in the market.

Local connections

Every independent hotelier would be influential in the local area and city. Without being influential it is impossible to navigate the world of licenses required to open the hotel. That influence is a good thing. Leverage on the local connections to offer solutions that can be customized to the individual requirement.

80 : 20 principle

Only flipped the other way round. Most of the branded hotels by design work on the their strength on GDS and other distribution platforms. Hence they tend to have very small sales footprint in the market. They will cover the 20% of the big accounts, but you have an opportunity to cover the rest of the 80% of the market. Undoubtedly you will have to work harder to make the most of the situation. This is where retention will help once guest walk into your hotel.

Service as a strategy

Hotels are still a place that people go because they are comfortable with the people who serve them. Make your team the best at recognizing your guest and take care of the people as they come in and stay. Focus on making their stay better and getting them to make repeat booking.

Service as a strategy works in hotels. You need to train your team to deliver on the expectation of your guest.

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