save water bill in your hotel

Simple tweak to save money in water bill at your hotel

Next time you are using the washbasin in the restroom or taking a shower in your hotel room, think about how you can save money in water bill at your hotel.

Unless you have one of the low flow taps, chances are that the flow of water is too much and you are literally throwing money down the drain.

Depending on factors like gravity or if the water is pumped using a hydro pneumatic system you might be providing 12 to 16 liter per minute of water. For a shower, ideally you may need to provide 7.5 to 9 liter per minute. For wash basins, 3 to 4.5 liter per minute is sufficient.

This change is a 37 to 49% reduction in the water bill for your hotel. 

In addition to direct saving, you can also save on heating expense as the energy required to heat water will be less since less hot water is being used.

Use a water saving tap aerator

That’s it. A simple solution to a life time of water saving. The last time I checked, an water saving aerator was being sold online for Rs. 145. For an investment this low, we are practically speaking of a 2 month payback period in the water bill for your hotel. After that it is all profit due to saving in water bill reduction.

So how does an aerator work?

This small device fits in the existing spout of the taps. All you need to do is unscrew the spout, insert the fitting, tighten the spout back and forget about it. As the water flows, you clock in the saving. The technology involved is pretty basic. Water is mixed with air which is pulled in and mixed with the water thereby providing you the volume effect while using lower quantity of water. Most people will not notice the reduced water flow as the normal pressure is not affected. Once you install the same, monitor for any feedback and if you get many feedback, a simple tent card in the bathroom informing about your choice in saving water will usually stop people from providing negative feedback on the issue.

So does it make sense to install it in every tap?

To answer your question, the easy solution would be to say yes. However in the hotel, we still have to balance cost saving with guest satisfaction. One area where you must absolutely avoid putting the aerator is in the water inlet in a tub. If you install this in a spout filling up the tub, it will take longer to fill up and your customer experience might be affected. Similarly, I would not install it in the kitchen where you need to fill up water for cooking purpose. The saving you can achieve from the water, might be offset by the kitchen team waiting to fill their pots etc.

So in brief, while it makes sense in guest facing water spouts, use basic hospitality principles when it come to installing aerators in your business.

I hope you will make this simple tweak to your hotel rooms that can help you save money in water bill in your hotel business

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