[SOP] Housekeeping – Dusting

Name of the SOP: Dusting the Guest Room – HK 0001

Department: Housekeeping  Objective : To provide a clean, hygienic and dust free environment to all our guest


  • Identify the area for dusting ( rooms, public area, corridor, etc.)
  • Collect the white cotton duster prior to starting the work.
  • Fold the duster and make it damp by sprinkling water in it. If  one side of the duster gets dirty, unfold the duster, make a new fold and start dusting.
  • Dusting in a room should be started from the enterance in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction, completing a full circle.
  • High level dusting should be done prior to low level dusting. Use a feather duster for low level dusting and a damp duster for high level dusting.
  • The movement of the duster/ hand would be from upper to lower direction.
  • No toweling material ( terry towels) should be used for dusting as it leaves behind lint.
  • Ensure that the duster is changed when it is dirty to avoid stain marks on the surface where dusting is to be done.
  • The duster should not be used on any glass surface or mirrors; a separate glass duster is to be used to dust mirrors or glass surfaces.
  • When dusting is complete inspect the area if any lint or dirt is left behind.
  • In case of dusting an occupied room please remove the guests’ belongings from the area, place it in a safe location and dust. Upon completion, make sure that the guest belongings are returned to their respective place without damaging or displacing the arrangement.
  • As a best practice, take a picture of the guest setting before beginning work so that you can replace items as per guest preference.

Time taken : 4 to 5 minutes per guest room . Additional notes: In case you see any engineering related issues attend to it or raise a complaint to engineering to fix the issue

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