The simple definition of teamwork is working together to solve or create something. If you ever played tug of war or helped push a car that was not starting those are also teamwork.

In a hotel, you will be required to work in teams. Your team may be small like the people in your department or with people in other departments.

Work in hotels is a combination of teamwork between many people. I do not know of any task that can be completed alone.

Think of any task and see the big picture. What steps does it go through before you do something about it? Or after you have done the task what happens?

I will give you an example. Guest orders grilled chicken with mushroom sauce.

In this example, you may think that the teamwork is between the kitchen and the food and beverage service department. And if you think that, yes you are right. However, there are many aspects of teamwork that are hidden.

The kitchen coordinates with the purchase department to get the chicken. Then they coordinate with engineering to make sure the freezer and refrigerator are in working condition. Purchase and engineering work with vendors to deliver products. Within the kitchen, the cook coordinates with the butcher and commissary to give him the meat and vegetables.

After the meal is served, the service team member coordinates with the finance team to close the bills and get the money into the hotel.

Within this one transaction, there are so many people cooperating to finish the task.

Now your turn. Pause the video and list one common situation that you use in your department where you have to use teamwork. See the complete picture of how many departments come together to solve or create something.

Go ahead and pause the video. I will wait.

Ok so have you thought of some scenarios? In fact, if you look at any situation, you will need to work in teams.

You give handover and expect the next shift to take it forward. If they do not finish the task, you will have many unhappy guests.
You also work with other departments and expect them to help you.
I will give you a recent example.
A guest called the reception that they need to book a spa appointment. The receptionist confirmed the booking without checking with the spa on the availability. When the guest went to the spa, there was no therapist available.

Discuss within your groups, or think how this situation could have been handled with some teamwork. You can pause the video if you like while you are doing that.

Now that I have told you about teamwork, let me tell you how teamwork happens.

There are 2 ways it happens. Through Standard operating procedures and personal interaction.

S.O.P is very simple. There are hierarchies in hotels and you listen to your boss. You do the task and if you need some help from some other department, you fill out the purchase request, job order, indent or other forms of communication. The other department picks it up from there and finishes the task for you within the specific time frame.

There is another way, and that is by personal interaction. After all, we are humans, and we try to help out people who we like.

So this leads to a non-official structure, where work gets done because of personal interaction. While you may still have to follow the process laid down by the hotel, your interaction with others can help get your work done faster.

In your hotel, you can improve your teamwork by simply going to the cafeteria and having tea with people from other departments. I know that you want to hang out with friends during your break, but if you decide to do this, you will soon be friends with people from other departments. That will help you get more work done over time.

But remember, teamwork is not only about getting your work done. It is also about reciprocating and helping others. So as you drink your tea with your friends from other departments, also ask how you can help them. What challenges do they face while working with your department, and how you can solve them?

This approach takes time and effort. But by consistently doing it, you can achieve good teamwork in the hotel.

Remember that alone we can do so little, but in a team, we can achieve much. Go ahead and practice what you learnt today.

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