The Best Property Management Software (PMS)

Property Management Software (PMS) is the Life Blood of the hotel industry. Ever since hotels moved from the early days of registers to software, work has become fast and productivity has increased.

Initially only big hotels and chains could afford these software, however with the advancing technology, it has become cheaper for hotels to implement PMS in its operations.

Infact these days chances are your team member will not know to use the manual system of Hotel Management.

The Purpose of a PMS is to simplify your hotel operation. By having a consolidated view of your hotel operation, you can save time and increase productivity.

If you are opening your hotel or deciding to change or upgrade your existing hotel PMS then this article is for you.

The Top PMS Solution for your hotel

  • Opera
  • IDS
  • Prologic
  • WinHMS
  • Hotelogix

Continue reading for an indepth review of the PMS


Opera is the undisputed king of the PMS for Hotel industry. A darling among chain hotels due to its attention to detail and flexibility. But it may be cost prohibitive for smaller hotels.

After the purchase by Oracle, it has innovated to add cloud based services which helps the hotels with significant saving in capex investment and ongoing maintenance.

This PMS can integrate quickly and efficiently to the Point of Sale system and kitchen management tools.

Among other products they cover the entire operation of the hotel like

  • Front office management
  • Sales and catering
  • Food and beverage
  • Room reservation
  • Room Distribution

With the use of Opera and its related modules, your daily work can become very easy. Even though there is large scale customization depending upon brand specifications, your staff will be able to easily learn the basics of operating.


IDS has been in operation for some time and has gone from strength to strength. It now boasts of a wide range of product to cater to large chains and small independent hotels.

Its FortuneNEXT brand of PMS and 12 add ons make it an end to end resource for running your hotel.

Some key features are

  • Room type reservation and rack based reservation
  • User-configurable floor plan with options to carry out all FO activities from the screen
  • Drag & drop facility for quick check-in and check-out with Express Check-in and Check out
  • Laundry management and billing
  • Night auditing and Various MIS/Flash reports

This is also a very popular ERP and is not taught in many hotel management schools so you will get trained staff as well for this ERP.


This is an cloud based PMS and is used in more than 100 countries. It is mostly used by small boutique hotels, independent hotels and serviced apartments

Being cloud based, it does not have too much on property requirement of Server and tech requirement.

They themselves claim that they cater to small properties and so if you want to explore the benefits of PMS try it in your property.

They have Channel manager connectivity and a mobile app that can save you time and improve productivity.

Prologic First

Prologic First has their proprietary PMS called Wish. It can be deployed on the cloud or on the property and boasts of seamless interface with channel managers, booking engines and other applications like passport scanner, loyalty program and more.

With the ability to manage hotel room and connectivity in real time, this PMS will encourage productive use of your time.


Prologic First also has a mobile integration and its mobile application is very simple to use. The regcard app also makes it easier for guest to check in to the hotel quickly.


This is another popular PMS with easy to use and learn functions. It has an integrated Front office, HK and call management module in the PMS.

Other modules like back office and specialised modules can be added as an add on.

They have implemented their solution in more than 1400 properties and is quite a popular choice for the PMS implementation

In conclusion:

A PMS will help you save time and money. However if you do not consider your requirements then it will end up costing you more than what you spend.

Our recommendation:

If you are a large hotel or associated with a big chain, go as per brand guidelines. They will mostly use Opera.

If you are deciding on the solution implementation, consider IDS or Prologic. They have excellent customer support.

Consider using cloud based options than a hosted property server based solution so that you can easily scale and leverage modern safety and security features.

If you are looking for vendors for your hotel during opening, or during the operation phase, do visit our vendors section

Did we miss out on any efficient PMS you are using in your hotel? Let us know in the comment box below

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