The quickest way to improve revenue in banquet

Banquet bars provide incremental revenue to the hotel and has a very high profit margin as well.

In this tutorial, learn about the various types of bars that you can set up in the hotel to improve revenue in banquet.

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In this video from hotel tutor dot com, let us learn the various types of bars that are set up in the banquets.

Your hotel has an opportunity to increase beverage revenue by selling liquor for banquet events.

However, a guest has an opportunity to ask you to set up different types of a bar at the banquet and you need to know what they are.

Package or Open Bar

The first type of bar in the banquet is a package or open bar. In this type of bar, a guest will pay one price for a specified time. Throughout the time, the guest may order as many drinks as they like, within the limits of responsible alcoholic service.

The meeting planner or the host will pay a fixed fee for this time and guests have an option of all drinks available in the bar package.

Cash Bar

The second type is a cash bar. It is popular for large conventions and meetings where pre-dinner cocktails can be purchased. Each guest pays for their drinks. There may be a cashier who collects the money and sell tickets or the bartender may run their cash till.

In the end, the cash receipts are closed just like a regular bar operation.

Hosted Bar

3rd type of bar is the hosted bar, which is charged to the host on a consumption basis. The host or meeting planner will only pay for the actual consumption and you will be required to show and count the empty bottles before billing.
There may be a time when guests will also enforce a limit on the number of drinks to be served. Like 3 beer or 3 small drinks.

With these 3 bar types, you have an opportunity to increase the sales in your banquet. The key to improving sales is to talk about the beverage plans early in your discussion with the host so that they can make up their mind.

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