The secret to making your own bitters in the bar

Did you ever want to experiment making your own bitters for your bar.

Making your own bitters in the bar is not very difficult. You need just 3 to 4 ingredients to get started and mostly you need time.

Bitters elevate a cocktail and improve the flavour profile of the drinks.

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Bitters to a cocktail are like salt and pepper to food. It helps elevate the drink by bringing out flavours that are hidden in a cocktail.

Bitters were initially used for medicinal properties however they moved quickly to improve the flavours of the cocktails.

Of course, you can buy readymade bitters like Angostura bitters from the shops for your bar. But it is not very difficult to make your bitters.

Making your own bitters in the bar also gives you the ability to customise your flavours.

By the end of the video, you will learn how easy it is to make your own bitter and get you started in your bar in no time.

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So in this video, we are looking at the basics of making a bitter. You don’t need to be a scientist to create a good bitter.

All you need is 4 items to make a quality bitter.

A sterile jar, a good quality base spirit like vodka or whiskey, some flavourings like roots, herbs, spices or other flavourings.

Did it mention 4 ingredients? The last is a cloth for straining the result. A fine cheesecloth or muslin cloth can do.

Once you settle down on the flavour profile, put all the ingredients in a Jar and steep it for up to 3 weeks. Keep shaking the mix daily to ensure all flavours are getting mixed properly.

After 3 weeks, you can strain the ingredients. Discard the flavouring ingredients. If required add some simple syrup to make the bitter slightly palatable.

Then store it in a bottle with a dropper, ready to use in your cocktails.

They are a great addition to any cocktail and all you need is time. This is the simplest way to making your own bitters in the bar.

For ideas on what combination works, I have listed a few books that you can purchase and start your experimentation.

Make one batch today.

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