Train Food and Beverage team members

If you are a Food and Beverage manager in a restaurant or a hotel, this post is for you. Do you spend your days stressed and return home every evening feeling tired because of what transpired at work? I know that feeling that when you are

  • Frustrated with the quality of people coming in to work these days
  • You are worried about the people leaving you and going to other places to work
  • You want to make sure your team is able to work efficiently
  • You care about making sure that your revenue targets are met
  • You want to ensure great guest feedback from satisfied diners
  • You want to ensure that the staffs do something that useful

You feel unhappy because you want to address all these issues but you don’t have time to personally take care of this since you have your boss breathing down your neck for meeting revenue target.

Having gone through all this stage, I realize  the key to achieving numbers is to train food and beverage team members to get the work done.

The First 5 days of a Fnb Employee

The first few days of the job are the most critical for the employees in the Food and Beverage department. If they are able to learn the basics well, the rest of the training is a breeze. Making sure that they are inducted properly in the department will ensure that they stick longer since they get a feeling that they belong in the department and someone cares for them.  In order to address the issue, I recently published a course on the site to address the issue of department induction and managing the First 5 days of a  new Fnb Employee

Here are the benefits when you purchase this training for your team

  • You just need to assign them the course with a link. They can sign up and complete the course.
  • You don’t have to follow up, they will bring the certificate to you once the course is complete and you can ensure they have completed the course
  • Your team gets access to consistent information which helps align the team in the right direction
  • You get everyone trained and retrained
  • Your time is free to concentrate on making revenue, managing your boss and looking good
  • Your team will know what is expected out of them
  • They will gain some information about the department they work in
  • They can contribute to work after a short training plan

I am sure that with these courses you may have some questions. The top questions that I can guess would be:

  • How can they have access to the course?
  • Can they understand the language?
  • How will I know if they understood the content?
  • Why should I train them if they will quit and go eventually?
  • Is it expensive to keep training them?

So here are my thoughts on the questions you asked

They can have access to the course with just an internet connection and their own device or a desktop. Since the course is completely online, they just need to log in once a day to finish the course

The language is in English, however, the lesson page has a Google translate option so they can read in any language they wish to.

There are quizzes in the course to make sure they understand the course and its content. The quiz is conducted after each lesson and they will be able to proceed further only after finishing the quiz to check their understanding

Your team will quit eventually, but as a manager, your job is to ensure that while they are there they are given the tools to work efficiently. Training them will ensure that they have the confidence to perform to expected standards faster.

If you think training is expensive, let me give you an example.

If a fully trained steward is able to upsell an extra Rs. 2000 per day because he is able to do his job better, imagine the revenue loss with a delay of 5 days. Now multiply that by 12 people in the restaurant. In one month itself, you could be leaving Rs. 120,000 behind because your team was not trained to sell.  That is just in 1 week. Imagine a month and the money that you can potentially gain by training your team.

Are you really leaving behind Rs. 120,000 every week in lost revenue?

Once you decide that your team needs this, you can get your return on Investment in as early as 1 day, once they finish their initial training. Get yourself  the team membership and the course is part of an ever expanding catalog that all your team members can access every day for a year and continue to enhance their skills and knowledge helping you to potentially earn more money and have guest return back.

It is very easy to take this action and start getting all the benefits we spoke of.

You just have to go to link and click Purchase now button.

Once you buy the course, someone from our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours and set up your team membership link. Using that link your team member can log in to the account with their own login id and password and continue learning. Also once they complete the course your team members will get a certificate that they can bring to you and you can track their performance then.

Now training your team consistently could not be easier so what are you waiting for, click here to  start training your team today

Still not convinced?

Why not give the course a try. Buy the course on a la carte basis using this link. When you are ready to buy the team membership, we will adjust this amount during that purchase by giving you a discount. So for the price of a Sandwich in your restaurant, try if this makes sense for your team before you commit for a yearly membership

Ensure that you are able to do what you are hired to do and let us worry about training your team.

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