training the team

Training the team to improve productivity

One of the benefits of training the team is that is that it helps to improve productivity.

One simple way to measure this is in Housekeeping department. Just compare the speed and efficiency of a new employee vs an employee who has been in your hotel for 2 years.

But you can see improvements in all departments in the hotel, not just the housekeeping department.

I am certain the new employee needs guidance and training. That can help them improve their skills.

Other benefit of training is that they become confident in answering guest requests and queries.

So how do you train your team?

You can train your team to improve productivity by following some simple steps. They will help you to make a training calendar for the month that will address the urgent and important training needs.

Scan your feedback and comment cards

In your hotel, you should have comment cards or any form of mechanism to capture feedback. If you do not have any of this, just go to Tripadvisor and search for your hotel.

Read all the 3 bubble comments and make notes. Identify common themes and then make a training calendar for the month to address those concerns by the department.

Train for general knowledge and common trainings

All hotels have behavior training that need to be on the calendar. Like telephone etiquettes. Or Prevention of Sexual Harassments at workplace

These are general training that need to be the core of your training calendar. They must be repeated every month to cover new employees. Conduct refresher training for older employees as well.

Also when training the team, help them learn about being courteous and any other training that you feel is important like some listed below.

  • Using guest name correctly
  • Providing discreet service
  • Skill based training like butchery
  • Flower arrangement

Plan for different methods of training

Not all training need to be classroom based. Offer the option of online training to the team so that they can learn at their own pace.

Include roleplays and hand holding by seniors during training sessions. Roleplays should offer new employees an environment where they can make mistakes and learn from them.

In conclusion

Training should have a good Return Of Investment. Infact if you do train your team well, you will surely have a great ROI.

Use a listening process to understand what to train and then use different methods of training to deliver the training.

And if you want to have a learning library for your hotel, contact us to make one for your hotel where you can upload your trainings, SOP and track learning of your employees.

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