Personal Use ( Non Commercial)

All materials published on hoteltutor may be used for personal use only and are published under the Creative Commons License or (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International)

Under this policy, you cannot use the content on the site for any commercial use including use for embedding on blogs, or sharing at workplace. 


Commercial / Hotel Use 

Using materials from hoteltutor for training at workplace or at hotels in a commercial context require a license. 

This type of use is not limited to uses that generate profit, but includes employee learning, in a classroom, on an intranet system, at a company event, in training materials, in an online or virtual course, in a podcast, and more. Non-profit or educational institutions may also require licenses if the use is commercial in nature.

To license content for use within your organization, we’ve created a new program called Hoteltutor@Work. This program is designed for organizations interested in using the training material for Learning and Development of the team. Learn more about Hoteltutor@Work here – you can make inquiries through a form on that page.

Or contact us to know more