what are potentially hazardous food

What are potentially hazardous food?

Speaker 1 : Good morning class. Today let us talk about food safety and what are potentially hazardous food

Although any food can get contaminated if not stored or processed appropriately, some food require extra care. We call them Potentially Hazardous food.

Jay : Oh chef, you mean, items like meat and products that take longer to cook

Speaker 1 : Yes Jay. Nice. But even some other food items can become potentially dangerous if not taken care.

Speaker 2 : So what can be some typical examples of food that can become unsafe

Speaker 1: So certain food we all know. Food that contain high amount of protein. However we need to be careful of items that have historically been involved in illness either due to its processing or production methods

Speaker 3 : Yes chef, once I visited a farm and saw what you mean.

Speaker 1 : Yes some farm based products like rough skin melon and spinach also have been involved in food borne illness in the past. The other items that can become hazardous are items with high amount of moisture. For example baked or boiled potato

Jay: I have also heard that sprouts and seeds can also sometimes cause illness

Speaker 1 : Yes it is possible. So the major category of hazardous food are food high in protein, moisture content and items that are processed wrongly

Speaker 2 : So if we take care of handling these items, food borne illness can be prevented

Speaker 1 : Yes you are right. By following the H A C C P method of production, you can generally keep food safe.

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