What did I learn from the Pandemic?

B. Gopinath – COO, Residency Group of Hotels

What will you learn in this interview?

In this interview with Mr. B. Gopinath – COO of Residency Group of Hotels, we talk about his life journey and how he has been tackling this pandemic.

With the country in a grip of the second wave of Covid restrictions, he and his general managers have been busy with the hotel operations.

Learning from the lessons of last time, he has made certain changes and ensured that maintenance of the property and connecting with the team are the top priority for the hotel group.

It is an interesting interview from the experience of a COO of a hotel group and I am certain general managers can learn a lot from this interview

In this interview we cover

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  • Personal achievement and the career path
  • Lessons from the pandemic
  • How the group plans to use the downtime to train the team
  • What are they doing differently this year?
  • Future growth prospects and why he is still bullish about the hotel industry.

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