What is breakage report?

A breakage report is useful to understand what loss has happend in the operations. This reports also allows us to look at the process and fix any issues that we identify.

In this video we will learn how this is useful to the hotel.

Read about breakage report in your hotel.

Jay: I broke some glasses while carrying it and it broke.

Speaker 2: Ok. Enter it in the breakage report in the department.

Jay: What is a breakage report?

Speaker 2:  A breakage report is made to maintain proper accounting of crockery and glassware.

In this video, I will explain all about it. A breakage report is made at end of every month. This will help us calculate the loss of inventory.

However, to calculate it, we must fill out the breakage form as and when the breakage happens. Or else you will not remember at the end of the month leading to shortage in inventory.

While filling out the breakage report, the idea is to understand what percentage of breakage happened due to process issue or training issue and fix it. Investigate each breakage and identify if there has to be any changes to process that you need to train people well.

And at the end of the month, I check the report and understand what can be done to reduce breakage. Though some breakage and chip age may happen due to error, we must make sure that major blunders are avoided.

Jay: Thank you for teaching me about the breakage report and I will be careful in future about handling crockery and glassware.

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