What is cash float?

Do you know what is cash float in hotel?

Cash float is the amount of money kept on hand to provide change for guests.

The primary reasons for maintaining a cash float are convenience, operational efficiency, and risk management.

It’s essential to ensure smooth transactions and customer satisfaction.

Imagine you’re the front desk manager at a busy hotel. Guests frequently check in and out, and various services like room service, concierge, and gift shop purchases require cash transactions. Without cash float, guests may have to wait for change or receive incorrect change.

This can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Hotel front offices frequently handle petty expenses such as office supplies, taxi fares for guests, or making change for larger bills.

A cash float simplifies these routine tasks, reducing the need for constant trips to the hotel’s main cash reserves.

So, it’s essential to have an adequate cash float to ensure customer satisfaction.

By maintaining a cash float at the hotel front office, you ensure that your staff can efficiently handle various cash transactions, provide excellent service to guests.

This will ultimately contribute to the overall success and positive reputation of the hotel.

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