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What is MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet ?

MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet is an important document to make your kitchen safe. It gives you an understanding of all the chemicals used in the kitchen, along with the safety instructions.

Keeping the MSDS current and training the team on proper use of chemicals can help prevent accidents

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Speaker1: Hello class, In this video we will learn about material safety data sheets and its importance.

We learned to use the sanitizer in the kitchen. Now, sanitizer while useful, if not used properly can be dangerous. Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS is a document that will tell you all about the chemical being used.

It will also tell you what to do in an emergency. In case of a chemical spill, or someone accidentally drinks it, or if it splashes i in the eyes.

Speaker 2:  Drink chemicals? Why will someone do that?

Speaker 1:  Yes, some chemicals may look like water and will not have any smell or color. If by mistake you transfer it to a water bottle that can be an accident.

Speaker 3: So an MSDS sheet is a very important document should it be kept in every kitchen?

Speaker 1:  Yes it is important to keep the MSDS sheets updated and available in every kitchen.  Also make sure that if you bring in a new chemical you have the appropriate MSDS available.

Jay: So chef MSDS is very important to ensure our safety while working with chemicals in the kitchen. So we have to make sure that it is updated and we know where it is kept.

Speaker 1:  Absolutely Jay. You’re correct.

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