What is our product?

If you run a hotel, what is the product that you sell. We seem to define it as room nights and food.

In institute around the world, we are taught to define room night as a highly perishable product which needs to be sold.

However what we actually sell is sleep and peace of mind.

Sleep and peace of mind

Through the day our guest are out of the hotel on work. They come back to our hotels to sleep during the night. Also the hotel is a place which provides peace of mind to them while they are in a different city.

We can provide it by ensuring a few basics:

  • Reduce disturbance in the corridor…….
  • Stop moving furniture on the upper floor…….
  • Stop increasing the temperature of the chiller that guest feel warm under the duvet……..

The list can go on. Make your own list. Train your team to deliver sleep

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