What is your role in Pest control in your hotel?

Pests are animals or insects that can contaminate or destroy food. They also spread diseases and are carriers of most types of harmful viruses and bacteria.

In your hotel, you may have various varieties of pests. The common ones include cockroaches, flies, bed bugs, ants and rodents.

If you wish to classify them, you can broadly classify them into insects like flies, moths, cockroaches etc.

Your stored food product may get affected by beetles, moths and other larvae.

If you have green spaces in your hotel, you may also have to face the menace of rodents, squirrels, pigeons, cats and other animals.

All these insects and animals are to be kept away from the hotel and restaurant and that is where a good pest management team comes in.

However, you have a role in pest control as well.

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Your job is to let us know if you see any pests in your workplace so that we can take action. So you may ask, how can I identify if there are pests around the workplace?

Some common evidence of the presence of pests are droppings, torn or damaged packing, dead insect bodies and gnawed items. Sometimes you may also see them crawling around in your kitchen if the infestation increases.

If immediate action is not taken, you may get into trouble. It may be anything from damages to the products to negative media publicity. Nowadays, guests have the option to give their reviews on many platforms. That can lead to negative attention and loss of business.

So now let us get back to your role in the prevention of pests. If you see signs of the pest, inform us. We can use the appropriate chemicals to treat the area and fix the problems.

But you must remember that the pests are there for the food.

  • Keep the food sources covered at all times.
  • Store the food off the floor. It is recommended to store everything at least 6 inches above the ground.
  • Never leave food overnight outside unattended as it can become a source of food.
  • Store food waste in bins with lids so that animals do not get into it.
  • Make sure all the entry and exit points have insect barriers. It can either be an air curtain or a trap.
  • Before you receive any item at the hotel, make sure to check it thoroughly.
  • If you suspect rodents like mice in the area, inform pest control so that they can keep traps for them

By helping your pest control team, you can reduce the incidence of pests in your hotel. That is one less worry for you. This is your role in pest control in your hotel.

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