What to do if a guest is stuck in an elevator?

In this tutorial, we will learn what to do if a guest is stuck in an elevator.

The modern elevator is a very safe device, and is built with multiple levels of safety features. However, sometimes the software can glitch, and the elevator can get stuck. While in this tutorial we will cover what to do to handle the emergency, If your hotel elevator does not have it, first install the automatic rescue device in the elevator.

What this device does is it brings the elevator safely to the nearest floor, and opens the door. You can also provide an uninterrupted power supply to the elevators so that the elevator will continue to work in case of a power failure.

But despite all these precautions sometimes you will face an issue where the elevator stops, and you may have to handle such a situation.

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Your priority should be to ensure the safety and comfort of the guest.

The most important thing is to remain calm and not panic. This will help to prevent the situation from escalating, and will help the guest to stay calm as well. Remember the modern elevator is very safe equipment.

The engineering team in the hotel has an emergency key to the elevator door. It will help a trained person to open the door. But before you open the door check for any visible hazards. Check to see if there are any hazards like exposed wiring or mechanical parts. If there are any hazards, do not attempt to open the elevator doors, and instead call for professional help.

Inform the hotel management and the first responders. But at the same time communicate with the guest. The guest may be feeling anxious or scared, so it is important to communicate with them and provide reassurance. Let them know that help is on the way, and that they are not alone. Make sure that you keep reassuring them that the emergency team is working on fixing the problem.

Once the alarm has been raised, wait for professional help to arrive. This may be the hotel staff, who can assist with getting the elevator doors open, or the fire department, who can provide more specialized assistance. At all times follow the instruction given by the elevator manufacturer.

One important point to note is that do not try to help the guest come out of the elevator if it is not level with the floor landing. Do not place a ladder for the guest to climb out of the car. It is dangerous to do so and can end up harming the guest if the elevator suddenly starts for any reason.

Usually, the elevator manufacturer will conduct training for the engineering department on how to operate the elevator safely. If this has not been done in your hotel for a while, request training today from the manufacturer. It will help the engineering team help guests quickly.

While it can seem like a crisis when it happens, keeping a calm composure and knowing what to do can help the guest get out safely from the elevator.

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