What to do if you enter a guest room and guest is inside the room?

Has this happened to you while working in Housekeeping. Sometimes you enter a room, but a guest is inside the room. What will you do in that situation?

First of all, apologize to the guest for the intrusion. Say, “I am really sorry about entering the room without your approval.”

And then inform this issue to your supervisor.

The supervisor must inform the duty manager and the housekeeping manager so that they can speak to the guest and apologize at an appropriate time..

But the incident does not end with apology. We need to ensure that it does not repeat again. So the manager must investigate what happened. Lets see once again some of the steps the team member missed.


If you noticed, the team member just knocked once and entered the room immediately

Before entering a room, you must always knock the door 3 times and give a gap of 20 seconds before knocking once again.

If you do not hear a response, open the door, very slightly and say, “Housekeeping may i come in” . If you do not get a response, enter the guest room.

Come back in 15 minutes. If you hear a revert from the guest, apologize and close the door and leave. Come back at the time given by the guest.

If you use this process, you will never enter a guest room that is occupied with the guest inside.

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