Yield test for meat and poultry

One of the most critical element in controlling food cost is to do a yield test for meat and poultry in butchery.

It is an expensive product and if the butcher is not careful, you can end up with money literally being thrown into the drain.

How to do a yield test?

  • Use the calculator below.
  • Take atleast 1 kg of raw unprocessed meat.
  • Process it to your desired cut. However keep all the waste and bones in a tray
  • Weigh each item separately and enter into the calculator.
  • Note down the yield %

What do you do with this result?

One you have your yield test there are 2 things you can do with the result

Calculate wastage

By doing this consistently and over time, your butcher will become competent and be able to process meat efficiently. You will be able to benchmark between employees to see who is performing their job in a better and skillful manner.

Calculate true food cost

Often times some ingredients appear cheap but their net usable yield will be low. This will impact the food cost as you will literally throwing money down the drain.

Cost of Cheaper FishCost of Expensive fish
Price per kg: Rs. 650Price per kg: Rs.1000
Total usable meat: 40%Total usable meat: 70%
Cost per kg of usable meat: Rs.1625Cost per kg of usable meat: Rs.1428
Cost per portion: (200 gm) : Rs. 325Cost per portion: (200 gm): Rs. 286


Use the calculator often to calculate the yield test for meat and poultry in your hotel. This will help you to manage your food cost.

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