Airport pickup process for your hotel

If your hotel offers airport pick-up to your guest, then this video is for you. In this video, we will explore some best practices to ensure your guest have a great experience from the airport to your hotel.

Airport pickup process:

The airport pickup service begins even before the guest lands at the airport.

Be proactive and send the chauffeur details to the guest as a message. This will help the guest locate the chauffeur. These days due to security risks, many hotels do not write the guest’s name on the placard. But In case your hotel offers a personalised placard, make sure the guest’s name is correct and the person is standing in an area that is easy to find.

The airport representative should make sure the guest details are correct on the placard. Then quickly check the car and make sure it is clean and that the seat belts are all working. The car should have all the items as per the brand standard like some reading materials like a newspaper, a magazine, and a selection of music.

Additionally also keep some cold water and cold towel.

Check the car to make sure the luggage area is clean.

Once the guest is picked up the following steps need to be followed.

  • Offer assistance with the luggage
  • Offer some refreshments like water
  • Start the car and check on the temperature
  • Inform the guest the time it will take to reach the hotel
  • Explain any additional script your hotel has

Once the car is about to reach the hotel, call the duty manager and let them know that you are near by so that they can come to receive the guest.

Your hotel may have different standards, so do check with your manager about the exact standards. But cleanliness, hygiene and courtesy to the guest should be a common feature.

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