What is R1 to R9 in Housekeeping?

Want to Read about the what is R1 to R9 in housekeeping department?

You know Diversey is a very popular company when it comes to housekeeping cleaning chemicals. In this video, we will learn about the various chemicals from Diversey used in Housekeeping.

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At the beginning of the video, we mentioned that diversy is a popular company that makes cleaning chemicals for the hotel industry. They make chemicals under the Taski brand. Most of the chemicals have a specific task.

So in this video, we will see what all these chemicals do.

So that it is easy to remember, the chemicals are conveniently named.

R 1 is a bathroom cleaner and sanitiser. It can be used on all surfaces in the bathroom and is safe on marble and granite.

R 2 is a general-purpose cleaner and is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces. It can be used on phones, and photo frames and is recommended for marble floors.

R 3 is a concentrated glass cleaner and used for regular cleaning of windows, and mirrors.

R 4 is a furniture maintainer. It can help clean pieces of furniture and give them a shine.

R 5 is a water-based air freshener. It has a pleasant floral scent and is used in guest rooms and banquet halls.

R 6. It is a toilet bowl cleaner and is specially formulated to remove scale and stubborn stains.

R 7 is a floor cleaner and can be used for wet mopping and machine cleaning.

R8 is a kettle descaler and used to clean tea kettle

R9 is a concentrated bathroom cleaner

As a reminder, whenever you use any chemicals, make sure you read the instructions properly. For detailed safety instructions, read the M S D S carefully. If you do not know what that is, watch this video

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  1. Ahmed Baba Abdulai says:

    I have been enjoying the learning process

  2. Tandin Tshering wangdi says:

    What are the name of the chemicals use for various diversery R
    Can u provide me with thier names

    1. LMS Admin says:

      The chemicals are listed on the bottles. Also refer to MSDS sheets to clarify

  3. Sanjay singh says:

    All is good chemicals

  4. Anshu mandal says:

    Thank you for sharing this most important information to us.

  5. Chaturthi says:

    “Taski’s housekeeping chemical cleaner offers a powerful and reliable solution for maintaining cleanliness, making it a trusted choice for professional and efficient cleaning needs.”

  6. Niten singh says:

    Taski chemical use to easy work an taski results it’s very good

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